Something went wrong

Yesterday, access to build details was down, and it is on all our repositories
We have this : message Something went wrong
FYI, 4 or 5 projects may be in auto build.
ID error is : mDP0IZW3sc

Hi. This is a communiy forum, with community members and we can’t see error IDs. For that, you need to contact Docker support or try to report it on GitHub:

Based on the time, I guess this was when scheduled maintenance happened on Docker Hub. This is the email I got two days ago:

Scheduled maintenance reminder from Docker Systems Status Page

Title: Docker Build Cloud maintenance

Details: A maintenance is starting on Docker Build Cloud service, we don’t expect any downtime.

Affected Infrastructure:
Components: Docker Build Cloud
Locations: Docker Web Services

Planned Start: January 31, 2024 12:09 PST

Expected End: January 31, 2024 13:09 PST

If you want to be notifed next time, you can subscribe here:

The “Docker Build Cloud maintenance” status is still there.