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SP2-0606: Cannot create SPOOL file in Oracle 11g in docker from Mac, Issues of Filepath or Permission? Also arrow keys shows ^[[D^[[A^[[B^[[C but does not move

I installed Oracle 11g xe on my Mac in docker:
docker run -h “oraclehost” --name “oracle” -d -p 1521:1521 carloscastillo/rgt-oracle-xe-11g

In docker terminal (CLI, not the normal Mac terminal), everything seems fine and I can execute queries:

But when I want to create spool files it shows the error:

SQL> SPOOL Users/kevin/Desktop/DBM/DBsession1.txt
SP2-0606: Cannot create SPOOL file "Users/kevin/Desktop/DBM/DBsession1.txt"

I tried to google it but that still didn’t work. Is the filepath correct? or does this action have the permission to do so?

Another question is that when I want to move arrow keys in the terminal in docker, it shows: ^[[D^[[A^[[B^[[C

I changed Mac terminal preference to Commanded (complete path): /bin/bash as said in this page (Why does the terminal show "^[[A" "^[[B" "^[[C" "^[[D" when pressing the arrow keys in Ubuntu? - Stack Overflow), but that still does not work…

Can anyone help please leave a message, thank you!