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Start cloudflared using port 53 not 5054


I’ve installed cloudflared in a docker and it resolves against clodflare using DoH just fine, tested using netstat pointing at the docker cloudflared container on udp port 5054.

I’d like to point my systems at it for DoH resolution but i don’t have anything that will let me amend the port used for DNS.

I have spun up pihole but am getting severe performance issues, & pi-hole doesn’t fit my use case.

when i amend the start command to use udp 53 instead of 5054 i get a permission denied error and the container quits.

when i change the user to root it starts using 53 but shows as unhealthy.

any suggestions on getting cloudflared started listening on udp 53?

running the commands as root enables the use of port 53, but health checks fail. rebuilding the docker image changing the port works.