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Working with laravel and docker

Hi, i trying to work with docker and laravel 5.3 on mac, i’m a beginner and i really need help for build the necessaries containers

If you are new to Laravel then you should really try out [Homestead] ( It’s super easy to setup and works with more than one project per machine and has synced folders setup so you can edit the files on your local machine. It does use Vagrant however but the installation takes 10 minutes top once the box is installed. Larval also released a new server called Valet that has a lot less features than Homestead but it easier to setup.

Some Quick Pros of Homestead vs Starting With Docker

  • php 5 /7
  • nginx/apache
  • composer installed
  • multiple projects
  • mysql/mariadb/postgres
  • ssh connection setup
  • node and npm installed
  • everything in one package once installed
  • easy to install/configure

If you decide to use Homestead and have questions go to [my site] ( and contact me or pm me on here