Storage Driver: windowsfilter Limit 20GB?

Deploying container on windows I’m always have hard size limit to 20GB when I’m use Windows Core Image.
Furthermore docker on windows not allows me create volume :slight_smile:
docker volume create --opt o=size=50GB myvolume
Error response from daemon: create myvolume: options are not supported on this platform

My configuration:
Containers: 3
Running: 2
Paused: 0
Stopped: 1
Images: 34
Server Version: 17.03.0-ee-1
Storage Driver: windowsfilter
Logging Driver: json-file
Volume: local
Network: l2bridge l2tunnel nat null overlay transparent
Swarm: inactive
Default Isolation: process
Kernel Version: 10.0 14393 (14393.1066.amd64fre.rs1_release_sec.170327-1835)
Operating System: Windows Server 2016 Datacenter Evaluation
OSType: windows
Architecture: x86_64

Can I change this hardware limit in any place or is there possibility to use other storage driver on windows ?