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Strange docker images



I have an issue since some days ago. I suspect some docker images malwares.
Could you please tell me what is the purpose of these docker images?


Thanks in advance

(Nitishmowall) #2

hey @designre
usually image contains three things
So userid can be local registry name or docker hub user id
repository is name of the image and tag is the different versions of the images

i searched the images you text and i found the user account in docker hub

(Goffinf) #3

If you want to protect yourself from rogue images then make sure you scan them for known vulnerabilities, as well as the run time. There are plenty of open source packages to do this, just search and try some of them out.


Yes thanks, I finished by putting in place TLS.

(Goffinf) #5

Well that’s a useful security measure but it doesn’t really protect you from vulnerabilities present within your images or from run time behaviours which you weren’t expecting and might indicate a malware incursion. I was more talking about scanning tools to provide image assurance and container runtime protection policies. TLS might get you authentication and encryption but that wasn’t what you were asking about.