Suitability of Docker Hub for restricted access to Container Images

I have a team of volunteer developers who are contributing code that we wish to distribute to wider group of users, but which we do not want to be public. We do not have funds to be able to pay for individual user subscriptions.

Is Docker Hub a suitable platform for us to be able to share Container Images and make them accessible to specific named users.
– is this something that can be done with individual Personal Docker accounts?
– does creating a Docker Hub Organization require subscription payment for all individual users?
– can we then manage individual access to these Containers?

Generally, I am trying to better understand the usability features and billing/feature limitations for Docker Hub,

If you can’t pay an the sotware is not open source, but you have a server on which you can run a private registry, I recommend Harbor

Or you can use a private Git repository to which all your developers have access and configure a CI/CD pipeline to automatically build images and push them to Docker Hub. Your pipeline will need to have access to an account which could be your Pro account so only you need to pay. If it is a single app that needs only a single repository, you can also use a free account which can have one private repository.