Support for WIndows Containers

I’m expecting the --isolation=hyperv parameter to work with docker run as in
docker run --isolation=hyperv --rm microsoft/sample-dotnet

The following error is displayed instead
"hyperv" - linux only supports ‘default’

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. follow steps 3 and 4 form this link I know the issue is due to the version of the engine (1.12.0-rc4-beta19 build: 5465) installed with docker for windows does not support the command


this is expected as the Docker for Windows application is currently only supporting running Linux containers on Windows. We are working on supporting Windows containers in the future.


With Windows 10 Anniversary update on August 2 (yesterday) Windows container are supported using Hyper-V already. Can you give some insight as what would be different in underlying mechanism/architecture when Docker for Windows provide the support for Windows container as you mentioned?

You can get an idea of what the setup will be like here: Linux and Windows Images Side by Side