Running image in Windows container with IsolationMode as HyperV

Hi all,

I am trying to understand few basics of Docker. kindly clarify.

In Windows OS(win 10 pro), if I run an image in Linux Container, then the image will be running in Linux OS (which will be a virtual machine and this Linux OS can be viewed in Hyper V manager).

Similarly in Windows OS (win 10 pro), if I run an image in Windows Container, I can deploy the image in two modes.

  1. IsolationMode - HyperV
  2. IsolationMode - Process

If the IsolationMode is Process , then the container will be sharing same kernel as that of the Host.

If the IsolationMode is Set to HyperV , then I believe that the container will not be sharing the Hosts Kernel. In this case the container will be running in a separate OS. I am trying to understand where to find this OS.

In my Hyper-V Manager screen, I could see only one OS - Linux. I could not see the other Windows OS. where could I see it. or let me know if my understanding itself is wrong.

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I don’t have an answer, but do have similar questions.

Perhaps this will help in some way but could also raise more questions.

Is there a pictorial diagram of how WSL 2, Docker, Docker-desktop … are related?