Swarm Manager handling large number of container deployment requests into swarm

let’s say there is a scenario in the swarm, where there is a dedicated docker node in the swarm to run health project related containers. i.e compose file with environment constraint = health will put these containers in that dedicated node.

what happens if we try to deploy a large number of containers (more than that dedicated node can handle) what kind of errors we will see here

there isn’t a restriction on that, if you request 1000 containers with that contraint, it will spawn them on that 1 node.
The default strategy only says that it will place the containers on “the emptiest node”, which always will be the 1 node you have .

but the load will be high on the docker node isn’t it? let’s just say node capacity is 10gb and each container is configured to user max_memory = 500Mb. At max, it can run 10 containers. but I deployed 50 containers.

I was wondering what kind of errors we are gonna see. something like containers got killed because of OOM ??