Swarm Mode and Volumes/Mounts

Lately I have been testing Swarm using ACS-engine (-https://github.com/Azure/acs-engine), so far I have been able to start a wordpress+mariaDB as a service and its working fine.

So my problem/question is related to the idea of volumes that I have based on “normal” Docker use (single host), and by doing ($ docker volume ls) I dont see nothing…

Where is my database volume ?

So it seams that the reason I cloudn’t see any volumes, has because I has doing $ docker volume ls on my manager, and not on my worker node.

Since the volume are not replicated between nodes you need to go to each worker node to find out where your volume is …

To solve this problem I’m now trying to use Docker Volume Driver for Azure File Storage, but without any luke :frowning:

hey @filipeff12 I’ve been flurting with rexray and portworx which are two good storage backends which can scale from VirtualBox to your cloud provider, I was curious myself how many people actually use this in Production … feel free to give them both a try.
The RexRay one I tested with VirtualBox and AWS and worked like a charm I actually used => https://github.com/codedellemc/ansible-role-rexray