TLS between the docker daemon and WSL (Windows Services for Linux)

I have been successful in running docker from a WSL (debian) by turning on “Expose daemon on tcp://localhost:2375 without TLS” in the settings. However, this has a security warning underneath it and I do not want to propagate this usage to downstream users.

Has anyone been successful in connecting a WSL distribution to the Windows Docker daemon with-out this checkbox? Also note that I want to primarily run Linux containers.

I guess the answer is “yes” since I could follow but I concur with this writer that these directions do not work unless I’m using Windows containers. I understand that I probably can use --platform=linux if I enable experimental features. But that leaves me with inconveniences for the platform switch and required experimental – which also isn’t great for downstream users.

See also https :// and https :// . The latter does not inspire confidence as it points to a 3rd party dockertls (?) and seems to be incomplete.