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Tomcat container not accessible from the internet

I have a tomcat container running on docker desktop.
I am able to access the webpages served by the tomcat container from the other computers which are on the same LAN as the docker host (e.g. http://192.168.x.x:8080).

However, when I tried to access the tomcat container via the WAN ip, it failed to connect.

I tested using the following tool and found my port is open:

testing with Test-NetConnection in powershell shows that ping is successful but TCP connect failed.

I have already done port forwarding on my router and added the firewall entry on my docker host.
What could be wrong?

For What you’re saying, the issue must be on the port-forwarding on your firewall or switch.
If you are running on Linux, try with the nmap command for check ports, and the command tracepath to check de routes.
If have access via CLI to the firewall or the switch where you do de port fordwarding, try execute the telnet command from there.