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Troubleshoot containers that don't run

I have recently installed a Raspberry Pi 4B with Docker.
To manage the containers I installed Portainer to easily manage the containers.

Some of them are running perfectly, like Domoticz and Pi-Hole others don’t run that easily.
For example: vault, openmediavault, openvpn, hugo.

They most likely need more than just a port number to get started.

How do I get to know what a container needs to properly run. The messages are very generic, and they don’t provide the details needed to know what to do to get the container running well.

What can I do to troubleshoot these issues ?

What are those “generic” messages?

– Share error messages even if you think it’s “generic” :slight_smile:
– Try it without portainer to see if you can make it work and compare the two environment.
– Troubleshooting depends on the error phenomenon. If the container running but you cannot access the web interface, then you have to troubleshoot the network, ports, firewalls, parameters. Other issues may require other ways.

Ok, thanks for the tip. I’ll try to run the containers without portainer to see if it differs.

This message is for example of the openvpn container:
standard_init_linux.go:228: exec user process caused: exec format error
The container runs, but I cannot access the application on any of the linked ports.

You see it seems generic for you but in fact it tells you the exact filename and the line number in the sourcecode (which is open source) so you or people helping you could see in which case this error message can occur.

On the other hand it is a message which does not seem so generic if you have seen it many times. It means there is an executable file, usually a start script which could not run. So I don’t think the container could be running as you wrote. Possibly the applications doesn’t support ARM. If you share which images you are using exactly I can confirm

Docker is not able to execute your entrypoint script (Dockerfile ENTRYPOINT instruction), or if absend the command (Dockerfile CMD instruction) that is used instead.

Either your entrypoint script/command is not executable, lacks a valid shebeng or the binary it points to is for a different architecture.

The dockerhub page should explain it. If it doesn’t than you should lookout for an image of the same application that has better documentation. Usualy the lack of documentation mean it is build from its maintainer for private use; usualy those images are not well maintained.