Unable to access bash in database container

I have pulled two database containers, sgl2019 and postgresql, when i use the docker command
docker exec -it Database-name bash the cursor just blinks. When I use docker desk top to examine the container contents I see this:

Bash is a zero byte file in both database containers.

Good evening,

the screenshot shows the contents of the Dockerfile used to create the mentioned image. It is not a list of all files contained in the image.
I have checked with the postgres:latest-image and realized that meaning of the CMD["bash"] is to run the command bash if the image is used/run as a container. Using this line in the Dockerfile increased the image’s size by 0 bytes :smiley:
Again with the postgres:latest-image I have verified that I am able to run a bash in a container. After running docker exec -it 20_postgresql_db_1 bash it saw a blinking cursor for 1-2 seconds and then the shell was available.
So I’m sorry for not being able to reproduce the problem. But I hopefully was able to help explaining the meaning of the 0-byte-issue?

Thanks, that does clear up the zero byte question. As to why I get a stationary cursor must be a local isue I’ll deal with later. I used the built in cli of docker desk top to continue with the Linkedin class. Not ideal but it worked