Unable to access container running inside Linux container from host

Environment info:
Docker Desktop - Version (29211)
Using Docker for Windows using linux containers which connects to linux machine using a Hyper-V virtual machine MobyLinuxVM.

I am using linux containers and creating 11 different containers inside it. Each of the individual containers have an internal IP address. I am not able to access(using ping, nslookup ) the individual containers from the host system. But if I go inside one of the container and ping from them, I can access the other containers without any issues. It also seems that the containers don’t have access to the outside world as “ping www.google.com” doesn’t work. How can I access the containers from the host system. I need to access a website running on one of the container.

Note: A vEthernet (DockerNAT) network is created by docker and it is being used as the network.