Access a network location from linux container running on Windows 10

Is there any way to access a network location from within a linux container when running on Windows 10 using the hyperv MobyLinuxVM?


We are developing linux containers on Windows 10 development machines. The linux containers run on linux hosts both for staging and in production, but not for development.

When the containers are running on a linux host, we can accessed network shares from within the containers by mounting the network location on the host, and binding the mount in the compose file

Example (works fine on Linux Host)

  - type: bind
    source: /mnt/fs01.ourcompany.loc/y_drive
    target: /mnt/fs01.ourcompany.loc/y_drive

We are trying to access these same network locations from the linux containers when running in our windows development environment.

I found the following blog which describes what seems to be a hacky way to accomplish the goal, but I ran into the same “Permission Denied” error someone in the comments also ran into.