Unable to create a container from Dockerhub image

I have been able to successfully create a container from a docker image I have on the docker hub.
swecp/internal-developer-platform general | Docker Hub

This image is also used in our bitbucket runner where the runner pulls this image, makes a container, and runs our CI pipeline in it.

I want to use the same image to make containers on my local machine or any other developer’s local machine to start developing code. The idea is to use the image as a developer environment.

However, I noticed that only I could make a container on my local host from the image I uploaded on the docker hub.
Why are the other developers not able to make a container using this image?

Also, I can’t create multiple containers from the same image on my local host. When I try to create another container, the container gets created but it exits soon after and I can’t use it.
The image on the docker desktop shows it’s in use even if the container I made with this image is not running.

What is the solution to this issue?

Let me know if you need any other details.