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Unable to find proper instructions to run an UI app with FDO in a docker container

Hello everyone,

At this point I’m getting desperate for anything I could try out to make this work.

My goal is to test some web app inside a container (Docker for Windows) by running ubuntu/wpewebkit/cog browser on it and connecting it to a graphical interface.

So far this tutorial for X11 is pretty easy:
[Run GUI app in linux docker container on windows host - DEV Community]
(Run GUI app in linux docker container on windows host - DEV Community)

First off, I didn’t find any conclusive information about whether FDO can be connected to Windows by any software/wrapper, so my conclusion was that it’s not compatible.

Unfortunately, there is no native support for X11 in wpewebkit. It expects FDO and no other library for Wayland / Weston or anything else is included. I also did not have any luck finding third party libraries.

I did not find any workarounds for this that worked.

So my simple questions are: (Docker for Windows)

  1. Is there a way to launch the cog browser as a GUI app in a container?
  2. Is there a way to wrap or workaround the FDO dependency of the cog browser to map it to the compatible X11 ?

I hope there are some people with similar issues and maybe some solutions I didn’t think of.

Thanks much in advance!

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