Unable to install Tuleap from Docker for Windows

Need to install Tuleap from Docker for Windows. Switched to Windows container and trying to run the below commands.

$> docker volume create --name tuleap-data
$> docker run -ti -e VIRTUAL_HOST=localhost -p 80:80 -p 443:443 -p 22:22 -v tuleap-data:/data enalean/tuleap-aio

But below error is throwing

C:\Program Files\Docker\Docker\Resources\bin\docker.exe: Error response from daemon: invalid bind mount spec “tuleap-dat
a:/data”: invalid volume specification: ‘tuleap-data:\data’.
See ‘C:\Program Files\Docker\Docker\Resources\bin\docker.exe run --help’.

Can someone please help me to install containers from docker.

I tried with Hello world and the same issue appears there as well.