Docker VM windows 10 mount volume issues

Hi everybody,
I’m trying to run climate queues on windows 10.
I opened this topic where we discovered that the problem is Docker.
Docker VM isn’t mounting my Windows drive in the expected way.
I follow this steps and I read that “docker has no support for Windows 10”.
There anything I can do or I have a no chance?

I read this topic.
and I tried to run this comand on windows:

docker run -v .:/c/wamp64/www/JUICE/projects/JATE

and I got this:

docker: "run" requires a minimum of 1 argument.
See 'docker run --help'.
Usage:  docker run [OPTIONS] IMAGE [COMMAND] [ARG...]
Run a command in a new container

What am I doing wrong?

In addition to the -v argument, you also need to pass the name of the container image that you want to run (eg. alpine or ubuntu or in your case perhaps codeclimate/codeclimate).

Someting like that?

docker run -v .:/c/wamp64/www/JUICE/projects/JATE codeclimate/codeclimate
docker: An error occurred trying to connect: Post dial tcp connectex:
Unable to establish connection. Persistent refusal of the target computer.. See 'docker run --help'.

did you try the beta docker for windows ?