Unable to run Docker commands on Docker Enterprise Edition for Windows Server 2016

I’ve just followed the following installation guide at https://store.docker.com/editions/enterprise/docker-ee-server-windows and when I try to run most docker commands, (besides docker --version) I get the following error message:

error during connect: Get http://%2F%2F.%2Fpipe%2Fdocker_engine/v1.30/containers/json: open //./pipe/docker_engine: Access is denied. In the default daemon configuration on Windows, the docker client must be run elevated to connect. This error may also indicate that the docker daemon is not running.

I am currently running Docker version 17.06.1-ee-2, build 8e43158 on a 64 bit Windows Server 2016 from GCP. I’ve seen a few other questions related to this same problem but they are referring to installations done with Docker Toolbox.

Are you running your command console or PowerShell console (or whatever console) in Admin mode? Not 100% sure this is the issue but worth trying.

— Jeff

check the docker services in services.msc " docker daemon is not running." that means docker services is not running. Please check the service and start it