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Unable to view Docker Desktop Settings in Windows 10

Hello, I have installed Docker Desktop ( in Windows 10. Unfortunately, I am unable to view the Settings when I right click on Whale icon in System Tray.

Earlier I had faced the same issue but after couple of uninstall /re-install and couple of restart it had worked.
Other thing what I had observed is that if Enable Windows Container during installation, I can view the Settings but when I switch to Linux Containers, Right click on Whale Icon do not open up Settings.
But I can execute Docker related commands.

Can you please suggest.

Thanks in advance.



I have exactly the same prolem, and so far I’ve tried every single solution named in this github thread, but still no success.

I also downgraded my docker’s version but still nothing. It would be great if someone from the docker hub can answer.


I am experiencing the same problems with Docker Desktop 3.3.3 and Win 10 Pro, 21H1. Reinstalling Docker did not help.

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