Unable to view running container despite successful demo example


When I run the example in this doc in the “Viewing our web application container” section, i.e.,

docker run -d -P training/webapp python app.py

…I’m able to view it the “Hello World” output in a browser. Success.

Now I’m trying to view our web application container that runs a webdriver suite. Based on the output in docker logs -f, the suite runs successfully. But when I try to point a browser at the webdriver container (which has the browser), I get a error saying:


My steps are:

  1. Start webdriver container
  2. run docker ps -l to get the port, e.g., 38455
  3. point a browser to: http://subdomain.mydomain.com:38355

Docker inspect for IP address:
user@server:/opt/webdriver$ docker inspect --format '{{ .NetworkSettings.IPAddress }}' c15cf679658a

Server config:
Ubuntu 14.04
Docker version 1.8.1, build d12ea79

Does anyone have suggestions on how I might troubleshoot this problem? Any suggestions gratefully accepted. Happy to provide other info.

Thank you,