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Unattended install?

I was reading here

but when I tried this over psexec nothing happens. It never installs.

I tried

psexec \machine -u domain\user -s cmd

cd docker installer location
"Docker for Windows Installer.exe" install --quiet

I wait about 5 minutes as some installers take a bit but still
nothing happens

tries “/qn” option just for kicks and giggles and /S option like I use to install x2go remotely.

Is there a way to run this as an unattended install?

Ahh interesting I tried running it on that machine with no arguments and get an error message:
“Failed to install: Windows version not compatible. Check documentation for minimal requirements.” message.
So maybe this will work with a supported version of windows.

choco install -y docker-for-windows --no-progress --fail-on-standard-error
shutdown /r /t 0

Note, I have authored this script for unattended install on Windows Server

.\“Docker for Windows Installer.exe” install --quiet