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Understand what's wrong with a Docker EE instllation and pinging the host / other containers

I’ve spent all yesterday trying to figure out what’s wrong with a Docker EE installation under Windows 2019. The situation is the following, have installed docker EE, applied Linux lcow since I need to run Linux container and when I try to ping the host.docker.container or another container, I receive an error telling me that it was unable to ping. This machine is an HP Server, a physical machine just to intend.

I’ve done my test before on the same Windows Server edition on a Hyper-V machine and the container resolution/ host.docker.internal resolution works great…I’ve done the same exact steps. The only difference I notice is that one is a virtual machine, the other one not… how can I dig and spot this problem? right now we’re running Docker Desktop but I would use the Docker EE…

Where can I start looking, to understand what’s wrong with the configuration?


To be honest, since docker case is few and I didn’t have much experience on docker, I need some time to research from scratch, if you can provide the step by step command to create the lab, I will reproduce your scenario soon and do more research.

What’s more, it will be better if you can provide the result of the command below:

docker service ls
docker service ps test
docker network ls