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Unknown Blob error when pulling layers


I’ve had this problem for a while, but only recently has it really started to cause issues.

This occurs during a pull from a remote repository. The layers being pulled vary in sizes, with most being 2mbs, one being 30mbs and one being 150mbs.

As it is downloading, it will randomly retry the download. After a handful of attempts, the entire process will abort with an “Unknown Blob” message a the bottom. Success will vary between attempts, with some runs being successful and others being terrible. Notably the 150mb layer seems to be the biggest issue, as it takes a bit more time to complete compared to the others.

While my internet speed is serviceable, I would assume my ping is not great as my groupmates (and the location I am downloading the layers from) reside in a different continent. I am assuming this is the issue as I am the only one encountering this issue regularly. What options do I have to resolve this issue?


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