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Use Docker for Windows on Windows Server

We have a Windows Server installation and are trying to run Docker for Windows on it, such that we can run Linux containers via its MobyLinux VM. I am aware that work is currently being done on LCOW, but progress seems slow ( has been open for a couple of months) and we’re looking for some working solution to run linux containers on Windows Server now.

Installing Docker for Windows works, but when the application tries to launch, there is this very artificial message saying:

Extremely odd of course, because there is no reason this wouldn’t work on a Windows Server install. Why is this being blocked? What other options do we have?

Docker CE is not supported for production use running Linux containers on Windows Server.

You can try EE preview engines if you want to experiment with LCOW:

What’s your OS version? Check with this command:


You can also give Toolbox a try:

Hi Friism, thanks for your reply. We’re not looking for production use, just “some” use. It’s not like it works with a EULA saying it shouldn’t be used for production, it just doesn’t work and throws an error message.
In addition, LCOW currently doesn’t allow to run linux and windows containers side-by-side, which is what we’re after. From the PR, it looks like it can take some more months. On Windows 10, this works like a charm just using MobyLinux. We just want to do the same on Windows Server.

Can you confirm that currently there is absolutely no way to have windows and linux containers running side-by-side on a windows server install?

Then suddenly the PR came through :laughing:
Thanks for the push @friism !

Not sure if that helps, but I can confirm that the latest docker CE for windows runs fine on my windows server 2016, correctly creating a MobyLinux VM in Hyper-V.
I am also able to run Windows and Linux containers in parallel. Haven’t ever seen your message. Could it be something else about your configuration that stops docker from running?
Are you running an older Windows Server version?

I am running into the same issue, i really want to use docker with mobylinux vm on windows server. Did you find any instructions on how to do this? This is not for production use…