Current state of Linux containers on Windows Server 2016 - feb 2018

Hi, I’m looking for some clarity on the state of running Linux docker container on
Windows Server.

Reason I’m asking: I’m using Docker to develop and deploy my solution succesfully now. That is: deploying Linux containers to on-premise CentOS 7 servers, running Docker Community edition. Yay!
However, my customers mostly use Windows Server (not Linux), and for other - often smaller - project/products, we cannot convince these customers (or justify the effort) that they should migrate from Windows to Linux.

When it comes to Linux containers on Windows, we only have some experience on a small number developer workstations , running docker-CE stable (2017-12). And we are not big Microsoft customer either, we have no Windows Server running internally yet.

So the ‘dream solution’ is obviously that we can keep developing building linux containers, and that it runs just as well on Windows Server as on Centos7 as docker host…

How far are we from this dream scenario? Anyone experienced in linux containers on Windows Server? I have mostly these questions:

  • Is it already feasible to run linux containers on windows server 2016?
  • Is docker CE sufficient, our is Enterprise needed?
  • Are there Limitations on Windows Server license? Is Essentials sufficient?
  • If a company would start testing LCOW on windows server: should we buy an Essentials license, or are there even other Developer licenses for windows Server (… since we don’t plan on any production use for Windows server internally)