Using docker hub pvt repository - pushing images under folder


I’m trying to build some pvt images and wanted to push it to my pvt repository, say ajaytripathi/mypvt

As i build my ubuntu image with Dockerfile with following cmd
$ docker -t ajaytripathi/mypvt:latest

It fails with message - “Invalid repository name (local/webclient-base), only [a-z0-9-_.] are allowed”

even docker push command fails with similar message
$ docker push ajaytripathi/mypvt/app-base

Error Message : Invalid repository name (mypvt/webclient-base), only [a-z0-9-_.] are allowed

Can anyone help how one can use pvt repository such as ~ajaytripathi/mypvt

Thanks in advance,

Use docker tag command to change <tag_name> of your image what you want to push in your local private repository.

Example : docker tag localhost:5000/my_repo/my_image user/repo/image

you can tag image user/repo/image as localhost:5000/my_repo/my_image and then you can use command to push image to local private repository . Thanks

Thanks Karan for early response.

Well, i’m not pushing is to my local machine pvt. I have create a new pvt repository under my login “ajaytripathi” under

Now the question is how i can push images under this repo folder say something like