Not able to push image to docker hub account repo

when checking docker image ubuntu image is present

PS C:\Users\akash> docker image ls
hello-docker latest 62c5e572493f 18 hours ago 169MB
docker101tutorial latest 972418e24dbe 47 hours ago 28.8MB
ubuntu latest d13c942271d6 3 weeks ago 72.8MB
alpine/git latest c6b70534b534 2 months ago 27.4MB
hello-world latest feb5d9fea6a5 4 months ago 13.3kB
codewithmosh/hello-docker latest fd84d4d9cb44 11 months ago 112MB
PS C:\Users\akash> docker tag --help

when try to push image to docker hub it shows this error.:
docker push danzee30/test:ubuntu

The push refers to repository []
An image does not exist locally with the tag: danzee30/test

Hi :slight_smile:

Yes, you have “ubuntu:latest” but not with the correct name, when you want to push to docker hub, you need to name it correctly to reflect your username. And the image you push, must be named 100% the same way as in your push command.

To rename a image you can use docker tag

try and run:

docker tag ubuntu:latest danzee30/test:ubuntu
docker push danzee30/test:ubuntu