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Using multiple Docker containers

(Smaction) #1


This is my first time using Docker. I am trying to setup a development environment using Docker rather than just installing what I need one at a time in a VM.

I need Apache, mySQL, PHP, and Laravel. I found official images for Apache mySQL, and PHP. How can I make them work together so I can develop my Web App? Is there a way to install Laravel to work with the other containers and each other?

I am using Ubuntu 16.04 I have docker-ce and docker-compose installed.



(Guillaume Kaddouch) #2

Hi Scott,

If you are starting out, I can only advise you Brett Fisher’s Docker Mastery course available at :

If you prefer free guides, there is the official documentation at

I don’t know “Laravel”, but I imagine you can have Apache+PHP on one container, and MySQL on another container on the same bridge network.