Setup a Docker Development Environment

On our project, their are 3 Laravel Application and Node Application.

  • (laravel)

  • (laravel)

  • (laravel)

  • (node)

  •,, all those application use a 1 single MySQL Database.

  • and 2 app use a Redis cache server.

  • use a mongo database.

So we want’s that:

  1. client enter our apps like OR Using a NGINX-PROXY container.
  2.,, all 3 apps are setting on top off 3 Apache Container (and communicate each other via apache-to-apache, if it’s possible) with the help off PHP-FPM container.
  3. 1 MySQL container for all 3 app.
  4. 1 Redis container for and
  5. 1 Mongo container for
    So it is a great help, if any one share this docker-compose file and thanks in advance.