Using shermanm/libcamera image

Hi All
I am new to Docker so please accept my ignorance, in asking for advice.
Within the past year I purchased an Arducam pi-variety camera. Which I had merrily been developing code with, within Rapsberry Pi debian/buster OS.

Unfortunately, Arducam now appear to locked down any support in buster, and after a kernel change through trying to use an SSD, I am not able to use the camera kit anymore, so it appears all the investment in time and cost of hardware seems to have been lost, as I am not able to use the Bullseye OS with ROS.

As a result I am looking to see if I can use Docker to create a container from which I can use ROS and Libcamera. One image (there will probably be more) is shermanm/libcamera image. Unfortunately, there seems to be no information about using it on the repository page. Is this usual?

So, the problem I am having is it seems is exposing my /dev/video* and /dev/media on the OS with the container.

Has anyone any experience with working with the shermanm/libcamera image or have details or advise on how I may be able to develop a container of my own which exposes the necessary devices and volumes required to use libcamera (and ROS) within a container.

The current host OS is Bullseye OS and I am looking to use either a raspian buster or ubuntu 20.04 as a container.

Many thanks to all and any assistance you can give me.

Dave B