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Volume Share with 'complex' password


(Ahren Stevens-Taylor) #1

Issue type
Authentication of Docker Windows Volume shares does not accept complex passwords.
OS Version/build
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Build 10.0.10586 Build 10586
App version
Docker version 1.11.1, build 5604cbe
Steps to reproduce
NB: Credentials posted are not real, purely for information.

  1. Create admin account with credentials of DockerTestAdmin:"@{t6d/.27dG
  2. Enable Docker Volume sharing
  3. Attempt to authenticate with credentials
  4. Authentication prompt repeatedly returns.

Assumption is that the Docker client fails to escape the initial quote.
Work Around

  1. Change password to something simple (Password)
  2. Enable and Authenticate the Volume Sharing
  3. Change password back

Logs Below
> [18:01:18.444][NamedPipeClient][Info ] Sending IsShared(C, <>:)…
> [18:01:18.448][NamedPipeServer][Info ] IsShared(C, <>:
> [18:01:18.496][SmbShare ][Info ] “C” is shared
> [18:01:18.500][NamedPipeServer][Info ] IsShared done.
> [18:01:18.503][NamedPipeClient][Info ] Received response for IsShared: False
> [18:01:29.346][Auth ][Info ] Storing credentials: DockerTestAdmin:***********
> [18:01:29.357][NamedPipeClient][Info ] Sending TryShare(C, DockerTestAdmin:)…
> [18:01:29.366][NamedPipeServer][Info ] TryShare(C, DockerTestAdmin:
> [18:01:29.415][SmbShare ][Info ] “C” is shared
> [18:01:29.419][SmbShare ][Info ] Challenging credentials with host
> [18:01:32.425][SmbShare ][Error ] Credentials challenge failed with time out
> [18:01:32.437][SmbShare ][Info ] Removing share C
> [18:01:32.484][SmbShare ][Info ] Sharing “C:” as “C”
> [18:01:32.487][SmbShare ][Info ] Creating share C with Full Control to DockerTestAdmin
> [18:01:32.601][SmbShare ][Info ] “C” is shared
> [18:01:32.605][SmbShare ][Info ] Challenging credentials with host
> [18:01:35.610][SmbShare ][Error ] Credentials challenge failed with time out
> [18:01:35.616][NamedPipeServer][Info ] TryShare done.
> [18:01:35.619][NamedPipeClient][Info ] Received response for TryShare: False

(Michael Friis) #2

We’ve improved the password handling code in later releases. Can you confirm whether this has fixed the problem?

(Ahren Stevens-Taylor) #3


It has not fixed the issue, but I have noticed it is the " character which is causing issues.

[10:49:56.022][SambaShare ][Info ] Removing share C
[10:49:56.058][Cmd ][Info ] C was deleted successfully.
[10:49:56.062][Cmd ][Info ]
[10:49:56.065][SambaShare ][Info ] Creating share “C:” as “C” with Full Control to “DockerTestAdmin”
[10:49:56.131][Cmd ][Info ] C was shared successfully.
[10:49:56.136][Cmd ][Info ]
[10:49:56.161][Cmd ][Info ] Share name C
[10:49:56.165][Cmd ][Info ] Path C:
[10:49:56.168][Cmd ][Info ] Remark
[10:49:56.171][Cmd ][Info ] Maximum users No limit
[10:49:56.174][Cmd ][Info ] Users
[10:49:56.178][Cmd ][Info ] Caching Caching disabled
[10:49:56.181][Cmd ][Info ] Permission PC\DockerTestAdmin, FULL
[10:49:56.185][Cmd ][Info ]
[10:49:56.188][Cmd ][Info ] The command completed successfully.
[10:49:56.191][Cmd ][Info ]
[10:49:56.195][SambaShare ][Info ] “C” is shared
[10:49:56.198][SambaShare ][Info ] Challenging credentials with host
[10:49:58.259][SambaShare ][Error ] Credentials challenge failed with code 2: System error 86 has occurred.

The specified network password is not correct.

(Irjudson) #4

I have noticed the claim that the password needs to be 8-bit ascii, as in here:

-> “Unfortunately, this setup does not support passwords which contain Unicode characters, so your password must be 8-bit ASCII only.”

However, $ is ascii 32 and causes the process to fail. It would be very helpful if the actual constraints were documented correctly and then a plan for how to remediate the situation was published so we all know what kinds of passwords we can use now and when we can use actual strong passwords again (so our admins are happier).


(Michael Friis) #5

We found another bug which was fixed in today’s release: