How to share Windows drives with a user without password?

I am using Docker version 1.12.2-rc1, build 45bed2c, experimental (aka Docker Beta) in Windows 10 x64 Anniversary Edition. Because this is my PC and I am the only one using it I didn’t setup any password. Now I want to share D drive with Docker but I can’t because I can’t press OK button without a password as shown in the image below:

I have the option “Password Protected Sharing” set to off in Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network and Sharing Center\Advanced sharing settings as shown in the image below:

What I am doing wrong? Isn’t possible?

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Did you find a solution to a username without a password ?
Why does docker force a password to be set !

No I don’t. Docker developers said this will be an option in future version but currently isn’t supported so you have to set a password in order to make it works.

Thanks man, I ended up creating a user with password called it “DockerHost” as suggested on other discussions.


This post might be helpful if you administer a local user on Docker with shared drives.

Ya, essentially you need to:

  • Create a new user (Computer Management → System Tools → Local Users and Groups → Users → Create new user), e.g. “DockerHost”. Give it a password.
  • Mark “User cannot change password” & “Password never expires” (in properties of that user).
  • Add it to “Administrators” group (also in properties of that user).
  • Share the drive where projects reside with the newly created user. i.e. C:/ (Properties of drive → sharing tab → Advanced sharing → Permissions → add the newly created user for docker → give it full access ). Repeat process for specific path to projects folder (for example of another user C:/Users/OtherUser/projects) and make sure it has permissions for full access. Sometimes this is handy for refreshing sharing and make it work.
  • Shared Drives in docker settings - Add user credentials to Docker for Windows, using the newly created user with its password.
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Nice informative content

2020 and still no answer about this. “Soon” how long will it take?

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Well it took a while, but its finally here:

Our new file sharing solution doesn’t need passwords any more. Check out the latest Edge build to try it (v2.1.7.0, it’s not fully released on the stable channel yet but it is coming soon.