Volumes: how to browse local drive from ubuntu container on Docker for Windows

Dear All,

A very very basic question but one I can’t seem to answer from googling. I have run an Ubuntu 16.04 container. I have mounted a volume onto it.

a) I’m trying to confirm which hard drive (or part thereof) on my local drive I have connected to my volume.
b) I’m trying to browse within my home hard drive within container command line interface to run a program on my hard drive on this linux operating system. I can’t seem to find out how to do this either.

I have tried:
$docker volume inspect 7bc7ea9…(volume name)

This gives me this output:

    "CreatedAt": "2018-08-07T14:34:28Z",
    "Driver": "local",
    "Labels": null,
    "Mountpoint": "/var/lib/docker/volumes/7bc7ea..../_data",
    "Name": "7bc7ea....",
    "Options": null,
    "Scope": "local"

However I want to know whether this has linked my whole C drive, a subfolder etc, and can’t see how to see this?

I am using Docker 18.06 for windows, on Windows 10 (pro) with Hyper-V. P.s. I’m a super newbie so can you say whether you’re referring to entering code into Windows powershell vs within the Docker container.

Thanks so much for your help!