Accessing docker volume form windows file explorer

I am trying to access a docker volume or even its virtual hard drive. I just don’t know how I am new to container , volumes vms and etc. I asked chat-gpt didn’t help so I am resorting to this. I want to be able to access the files in the volume of my container its on filebrowser/filebrowser:latest imag. So when I upload a file it directly stores is it a volume and it only stores the files uploaded by user in the volume nothing else and container files are some where else. So what I want to do is to be able to view, edit, add, remove files from he volume with windows file explorer or another easy to use app like a gui of windows file explorer. So how can I access the volume form windows file explorer or is there another app to do it. I am using vm backend rather then wsl2 Or in other words how cant I mount the volume in windows explorer so I can view and edit it. Is there a ftp sftp solution or anything like that