VPN internet traffic

Good day all

can someone please be so kind to tell me

is there a docker file that will be able to assist me

I want to route all my home traffic on my VPN so that I don’t have to log on to each device separately

Will WIreguard or OpenWRT be able to do something like that


I don’t know the answer, but if you ty to search for vpn or the mentioned two softwares on the forum (top right corner), you can find similar questions I think. I hope some of those help.

On the other hand, if you have a router, it would be probably easier to set up a VPN client on that. Depending on the router of course.

I don’t see how containers would help you to route traffic from your devices. Each of your devices should have a custom gateway setting to send traffic to your “server” where your container is running and you don’t need container to forward traffic but you need to allow it in the kernel. I am not sure that this is only what you need. I never actually used my PC as a gateway.