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Vpnkit uses all free memory

Expected behavior vpnkit.exe maintains memory utilisation

Actual behavior vpnklit.exe starts at 10M then exceeds 10G after 48hr using all free memory and needing Docker to restart again to free memory


Docker version 18.03.0-ce

Steps to reproduce the behavior

Start Docker

Sorry if I have missed any important information as new to Docker, it is running on Server 2016 and Docker settings are 2 cores and 8GB RAM ( Server: Xeon 1225 with 24GB Ram) and one other VM using 1 core and 2GB Ram


Same new behavior with recent patch. Running windows 10. Was seeing vpnkit.exe was using 4.1G when I noticed it. It’s never grown like that. I have one container with nginx and its idle. I can stop the container and still watch the memory grow at a steady pace.

Also running 18.03.0-ce-win59 (16762).

Bouncing the docker service was the only way I can see to recover memory.

Same thing for me - vpnkit consumes over 9GB of RAM overnight (all available volume), restarting docker frees it up. Running Windows 10, Docker Version 18.03.0-ce-win59 (16762) with a Node.js CLI app that downloads files to a mounted host directory (up to 1GB of files downloaded). I’m not even sure how this is possible considering the memory limit for docker is 2GB of RAM and 1GB swap.

Same for me. vpnkit.exe process allocate all free memory with time (about 1GB per hour). The size of allocated memory depends on it availability - from 2 to 9 GB for me.

Same behavior on my Win 10 machine. Noticed it at 7GB. Restarting docker didn’t do anything.

Windows 10, after installing the latest patch for 18.03.0-ce(commit 0520e24) a few days earlier. System did not exhibit this under 17.03.0-ce or 17.06.0-ce(sic).

It has taken a few days but it was seemingly overnight that the memory usage grew from under 500MB to over 3GB and now after logging back into the system it is slowly backing itself down from there to under 1.7GB. Over time it climbed back up to 2.7GB a few hundred KB per second (sort of like a memory leak would).

Moby is serving 4 containers in a ELK stack with dual elasticsesarch on this system.

Seeing this as well on 18.03.0 win server 2016.
32 GB of RAM and allocated 10 to docker and vpnkit is pulling 15-17 GB
Has anyone made a git hub issue yet?

I have the same issue uses 20GB in 24hours goes into swap.
com.docker.vpnkit process
Resolved with a restart.
Version 18.03.0-ce-mac60 (23751)
OSX 10.11.6 Rl Capitan

Same issue here. Leaving Docker running for a longer time and vpnkit.exe is using a lot of memory causing swapping.

I just looked back at this system today on 2018-04-13T08:48-0400 and vpnkit has dropped back down into the “under 200MB” range after several days of hovering in the high 2-3.7GB range.

Could this be a memory leak that escapes garbage collection for quite some time and then eventually gets cleaned up after enough memory pressure?

Same here. vpnkit.exe used up to 22GB/48GB memory. Had to restart docker and it all started from 20MB range again.

Ditto, it’s chewing up all my memory

Windows 10 Pro
Core i7

Docker Version 18.03.0-ce-win59 (16762)
Machine: 0.14.0

The resource should be limited to:
CPUs: 2
Mem: 2048MB
Swap: 1024MB

Same problem.

Windows 10 Professional
Docker for Windows Version 18.03.0-ce-win59 (16762)
Experimental features Enabled
Linux containers mode

Hosting one container: registry (, but not even using it.

Same here, this has been going on for a couple weeks now… vpnkit.exe is sucking up all my memory…

Docker v18.03.0-ce-win59 (16762)
Win10 with linux containers

Jep. Same here. vpnkit.exe takes all memory.
Docker v18.03.0-ce-win59 (16762)
Windows 10

Cross link the most active of a few similar issues in github:

Same here.
Windows 10 Pro Version 1709 Build 16299.371
32GB RAM, i7-8700K

Docker Version 18.03.1-ce-win65 (17513)