com.docker.vpnkit.exe file RAM usage keeps increasing

com.docker.vpnkit.exe file RAM usage keeps increasing day by day. My computer has 16GB of RAM. When Docker is always open, this file uses 1GB of RAM after about 1 week. Even if I run it longer, it increases to 2GB. Is there any solution for this?

Docker Desktop Ver. I am using 4.14. I also installed version 4.15 but it seems to have the same problem. It continues to increase.


I don’t know the reason and it doesn’t seem normal, but Docker Desktop is not for running it for a week as a server. It is mainly for development on your local machine.

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Yes you are right. But there was no such problem before. There was such a problem after Docker 4.11 or Docker 4.11.1.

I’m having the same issue on Docker Desktop 4.15.0 on Windows 11. To the point that @rimelek made, even if only using Docker Desktop for development on my local machine, VPNKit should still free up it’s memory so you don’t have to kill it or reboot your development machine often. So, I assert that this is even a problem for those only doing development work as well.

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I had to revert to Docker version 4.10.1. All subsequent versions have the same problem.

I agree. I use my Docker Desktop (on Mac) alone and maximum for a couple of hours, so it wouldn’t be a problem for me, but this is a problem that we can’t solve here on the forum. You can report it on GitHub.

I also recomend to share how you use Docker Desktop for development. The issue could get a higher priority if they see you have a workflow that many other developer could have so they should support running Docker Desktop for longer. Otherwise they could focus on other issues first.

I also have this problem.

To me happens the second I turn on docker desktop.

16~19Gb RAM use and 30~100MB/s disk usage (via Task manager)

Does anyone have a fix?

Unfortunately this is the solution. Unfortunately for an application like Docker, it’s a very painful situation.