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Vrf and Docker Cannot assign requested address

Hello everyone!
The problem is the following, when creating vrf on Linux and then enabling docker. The interface becomes unavailable. With Error bind: Cannot assign requested address
VRF is created as follows:

ip link add VRF_test type vrf table 100
ip link set VRF_test up
ip route add vrf VRF_test unreachable default metric 4278198272
ip addr del dev ens256
ip link set ens256 vrf VRF_test
ip link set ens256 up
ip addr add dev ens256

Check with:
ip vrf exec VRF_test ping -I

If docker is not running, everything works. Moreover, it must be turned off exactly at the start of the system.

OS - CentOS Linux 7
Docker - 19.03.13
Kernel - 5.10.2-1.el7.elrepo.x86_64