Vue app build fail

Hi everyone.

We have a private Vue repository which unfortunately is having some errors when running the image through our docker compose file.

When we deploy this image we are having typescript errors on a high level in the application like $route being undefined.

Seems like there is a corruption in the build step npm run build of our docker deploy for Vue.
It also seems that this corrupted layer is saved in the docker repository.
This means that if a new user with a clean docker instance was to deploy then they would use the corrupted layer.

Strangely, a member of our team has docker memory cached and when we deploy from his instance the app builds and runs correctly, this is strange to me as when we push, if the layer already exists then it wouldn’t be overwritten in the repo, if it is overwritten then we should be beyond the corruption problem.
Even after using this docker instance successfully, if another user was to deploy our image with a clean instance of docker (no cached data/images etc) then we would be back to the same issue.

It is hard to identify which step that is corrupted, but if it is corruption, every step will have the same fix of removing the corrupted layer.

We may be able to get the application running by deploying our vue build to an isolated repo so that it does not attempt to pull the cached layers.

The change in the vue repository for when we experienced the issue is simply having added a parseInt() to a variable in TS.

Thanks all, quite stumped with this one.