What am I missing? AWS image fails on ErrImagePull

I have been trying to understand an issue I’ve been having using Docker Desktop’s Kubernetes cluster.

I’m sure it’s something simple that I’m missing, or perhaps I am trying to do something which isn’t allowed.

We have an Amazon EKS cluster which works fine. I’ve been tasked with building another one. We have Docker images stored in AWS ECR. I can pull images and run them just fine with Docker locally. However, when I change to running Kubernetes, the pod creates, and then goes directly into a status of ErrImagePull followed by a status of ImagePullBackOff.

I’ve been looking at various forums that advise me to test that I can pull the image with a ‘docker pull’ command, which I can. I also can see another product, minikube mentioned, but I’m using Docker’s version and don’t know how to extrapolate from the one to the other.

Is this something that can be resolved, or am I trying to do something which Docker Kubernetes isn’t designed for, and I should switch to minikube?