What are the latest rate limits here for various account categories/tiers?


What are the “rate limits” for various categories/tiers of dockerhub repos/registries?

I mean for “open source” or “sponsored OSS” or “corporate” and others?

Is there an unlimited tier available to corporate accounts and is that a separate tier from maybe a standard corporate account?

How much is the limit for an enterprise account?

Dockerhub docs say: “Users with a paid Docker subscription get up to 5000 pulls per day”. Do you know if that is the limit or higher? It also says: “Some images are unlimited through our Open Source and Publisher programs”.

Hopefully a project like apache/spark is included in the “some” category - or does it have limits?

I am currently especially interested in the Apache/Spark limits for their account here: Docker Hub which is “Sponsored OSS” - please clarify.

Thank you.