What is needed to install docker ? Oracle VM VirtualBox or Docker ToolBox

I am new to devops and learning. I installed git, github, jenkins, tomcat and integrated all successfully. I need to install docker now.

I downloaded Docker Desktop Installer.exe
But this is not working after trying to run .exe file.

But Windows 7-64bit home premium is installed on my laptop. I checked CPU, virtualization is not present. I created virtual machine on Windows Virtual PC, but it is throwing reboot errors.

I am not aware how to move forward from here. So,I visited various forums, googled the next steps, but no clarity.

Kind request to advice : what comes next
download and install Oracle VM VirtualBox 6.1 (https://www.virtualbox.org/)
Docker Toolbox

Docker Toolbox is based on VirtualBox and everything is configured, so try this one. But did you notice that Widows 7 is reaching end of life in two weeks? If you’re serious about Docker you should move to a Win 10 Pro machine.