What is the plugin path for Docker for Mac?

Running Docker on Linux, the plugin path is '/run/docker/plugins/'
plugin docs

What is the corresponding path on Docker for Mac?

Sorry, there is no easy way to install plugins at present. I do want to fix that though.

Which plugin are you interested in running? I can add it to the schedule to configure and test.

I was hoping to run an authentication plugin that I’m developing. I can provide a bare-bones plugin for testing if that’d be helpful.

Yes that would be helpful, I would like to get these working, there are a few auth plugins around (and I do have a plan to write one myself) but any stub one would help and I should be able to sort out a generic install mechanism fairly easily.

I’ll get you a link to a Github repo tomorrow. Thanks for the help!

Here’s the repo link: https://github.com/lblackstone/auth-plugin-stub

Let me know if you run into problems building the plugin.

ah, an Auth plugin - don’t you also need to add a daemon cfg param to use those?

I’m planning to use a docker:dind container on Docker4Windows (same Moby) to play with auth.

for a volume plugin (and presumably a network one),the discovery works - so

        docker run --rm -it --privileged \
                -v /run/docker/plugins:/run/docker/plugins \
                -v /var/lib/docker/volumes/:/var/lib/docker/volumes \

allows the container to put the socket (and the volumes) on the host’s system (you may need to adjust to /var/run/docker/plugins - i’ll go check later

(I poke around moby using docker run --rm -it -v /etc/..:/host -w /host debian bash)

Yes, you have to add --authorization-plugin= to enable it. (See README on the linked repo)

Also, in my case, the auth plugin will be running as a system service (not containerized).