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What refers to a Docker Host?



Hello everyone,
I am newbie learner of Docker and need some help with the term “Docker Host.” Can anyone explain it?

(Ove "Lime" Lindström) #2

Docker Host is your physical or virtual machine running Linux (or other Docker-Engine compatible OS). Can be on the same physical machine as you are running a Docker Engine or on other virtual or physical machines.

Docker Engine is the the client-server application made up of the Docker daemon, a REST API that specifies interfaces for interacting with the daemon, and a command line interface (CLI) client that talks to the daemon. It is used to create new Docker Hosts. Each host has the ability to launch a container from an image. It is the Docker Engine that works with any other client, like the command docker or docker-compose and creates the API-calls to the Docker Host.

Docker Daemon is the “docker server” that is setup on the Docker host and that will reply on the API calls from the Docker Engine. That makes it possible to talk remotely to multiple

If you look at [3], you will see that could run the command ddocker-machine create on a Mac (with Virtualbox installed) or a Windows (with hyperv). If you do that. You will create a new Docker Host in the virtual machine, that runs a docker deamon on the default port that you can call from your Docker Engine in your own host. Play around with it and I think it will be clearer.



A Docker Host is basically running the Docker Daemon. The daemon listens to Docker API requests like “docker run,” “docker builds,” anything and manages Docker objects such as images, containers, networks, etc. as its job role. In addition, to manage Docker services, one daemon can easily communicate with other daemons.