When to use Docker Toolbox vs Docker for Windows

So you want to get started with Docker on Windows. You follow what is recommended. However, this is where you can get mislead. I uncover the pitfalls when following the official recommended path to using Docker in a Windows environment. http://goo.gl/83EDRh

There are a couple of problems that are still not solved and each docker approach on windows has its pros/cons.

At this point you start with docker for windows and see if the latest LCOW works for your containers, if not you can try the old docker toolbox or just use any docker enabled linux distro on your favorite hypervisor. All that “docker for windows” does is put a nice and easy interface over there hyper-v/virualbox images.

I ended up just using “clearlinux” from intel inside hyper-v, since they have a small ready to download image. I than pulled in what i needed and setup a reverse samba share, since docker on windows always had broken file shares support. This worked for my containers and while “bigger” than something like “linuxkit” or RancherOS its still simpler and more robust than running something like Ubuntu Server as a docker host in hyper-v.