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Where are the Docker Image files on Windows 10?


I am using Docker Desktop for Windows 10. I ran a Prestashop container and then going in the CLI of the container, it redirects to the root of the Prestashop folder but the path is “/var/www/html”.

So, I know that Docker is using a virtual environment based on Linux, but I would like to know the path of my Prestashop files in the Windows file system.

Any idea ?

Thanks a lot !

In my case, i install docker-desktop on wsl2, windows 10 home. i find my image files in


All image files are stored there, and have been seperated into several folders with long string names. When i look into every folder, i can find all the real image files in “diff” folders.
Although the terminal show the path “var/lib/docker”, but the folder doesn’t exsit and the actual files are not stored there. i think there is no error, the “var/lib/docker” is just linked or mapped to the real folder, kind like that. In windows, we also use mklink to link two folders, it is similar, right?